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Amilcar's Music Lessons

Enrollment is limited, call today to reserve your place! (301) 728 9045

Learn guitar, bass and piano in your home!

Fun and easy instruction especially designed for kids and teens!

My lessons are fun, enriching and make my students feel like rockstars!

 *I provide a clear lesson plan, complete with goals, achievement levels and performances.

*I use a song based teaching system so my students are learning songs they love while they get the academic benefits of music.

*I don’t over book myself so my clients get the full benefit of my energy.

*Additional benefits of music lessons include better grades, higher self esteem, more confidence, good social skills, self discipline and more.

*I’ve seen the benefits of music proven over and over, and I know that I’m teaching so much more than music!


"Amilcar is an amazing teacher. He breaks it down patiently, makes it fun and has the patience of a saint! I would recommend him to anyone."   -Ahava L.

"Amilcar is an amazing guitar teacher. He’s very encouraging and patient. His classes are always fun and challenging!!"   -Jenn K.

"Amilcar is a very focused and professional teacher. He is also very enthusiastic and makes you want to learn. Another teacher had told me I couldn't possibly learn Flamenco guitar but Amilcar said absolutely you can. Now, four years later I'm deep into it and playing fairly complex pieces. I believe he is quite a guitarist in many different musical styles as well. Big fan of Amilcar!"  -John G.

"I’ve taken lessons from many teachers and Amilcar is the best I’ve ever had! Patient and great attention to detail! Well worth your time!"  -Bruce G.

  "Amilcar can teach different styles and is able to help me with whatever I'm working on (classical, flamenco, jazz, blues, etc.) . His online lessons are great! He demonstrates and records a track. I play with the track and he gives guidance. Then after the lesson I have the recorded track to practice with. Pretty sweet."  -Frank B.

I have a high success rate because I am able to tailor lessons to the students needs, preferences and learning style! 


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